Synergy Accessibility Tips Accessibility Mode


To receive assistance, email Roseville Area Schools Technology Services: Please provide your full name, student name, birthdate and mailing address for verification purposes.

Solutions to Common Login Issues

Students must use the student login page, and parents must use the parent login page.

While they appear similar, accounts only work on their respective pages. The error "Invalid user id or password" will be displayed if a parent account is used on the student page, and vice versa.

When registering a new account, you must enter your first and last names exactly as they exist in the system along with your activation key.

For example, enter "Alexandria" instead of "Alex." The error "The activation key you entered could not be found. Please contact the the school to get a new activation key." will be displayed if any of the fields are incorrect on the activation page, including First Name and Last Name.

The web-browser must be closed after logging out of Synergy.

The error "Unknown error while access the web site. Please check back later as we address the problem: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...." will be displayed after attempting to log into Synergy a second time during the same browsing session. Close the browser completely and reopen it to log in again.